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Maccabi Tzair

Maccabi Tzair (Young Maccabi) is Maccabi’s youth movement with branches in Israel, the U.S., Central and South America. Maccabi Tzair promotes Jewish heritage, Zionist values, social responsibility and personal development among its members and – like the broader Maccabi movement – places a strong emphasis on sports and physical education to connect young Jews worldwide.

As part of the large network of Maccabi youth movements around the world, Maccabi Tzair actively engages in international events, exchanges and collaborations, providing opportunities for its members to connect with young Jews from different countries and communities.

BBYO Partnership

Maccabi Tzair is BBYO’s partner in Israel. Since 2012, Maccabi Tzair has sent over 2,000 Israeli teens to BBYO programs in North America. These young people come back to Israel having rediscovered their Jewish identity. Over the same period, 10,000 BBYO members have visited Israel and taken part in Maccabi Tzair programs, and created strong bonds with their Maccabi peers.

Accessibility and Sustainability

In recent years, Maccabi Tzair has set itself two key goals: Integrating youth with special needs and/or motor disabilities into the movement, and reducing its carbon footprint.  Over the past decade, over 200 kids with special needs have been absorbed into the movement and all venues have been made fully accessible. Over the past two years, the movement has reduced its carbon footprint by 30% and has been educating its members about living sustainably, recycling, and using reusable materials.