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FLF - Maccabi Young Leadership

Bringing new leadership spirit

Educate. Motivate. Inspire.

Maccabi Future Leaders Forum (FLF) - Maccabi Young Leadership (MYL) | a personalised ongoing leadership program for young Jewish professionals.

Future | Future refers to ensuring the success and succession of the Maccabi movement and communities around the world. To sustain a strong Jewish community, we need strong leaders who want to be involved. The FLF aims to grow, nurture, and develop such people who have a passion for their community. We aim to reach all continents around the world through a foundation of a unique global leadership program.

FLF is based on 3-4 seminars per year which provide continuous bespoke personal and professional training by delivering strong Educational, Motivational and Inspirational seminars through the use of high level keynote speakers and carefully planned workshops.

Leaders | Leaders refers to those people aged between 18 to 38 who stand out and take initiative in their communities professionally and within Maccabi. We also look to business and professional mentors who can inspire our Maccabi leaders. A leader is someone who wants to receive but is also prepared to give back to support their community and their people.
Live the core values to make your community wishes and dreams come true! Our CORE values: We take Ownership and Responsibility in all that we do. We work together as a team. We follow a strict Conduct and Vision to achieve the targets/objectives. We follow good Morals and Ethical Values at all times in a Safe Environment! Trust yourself and trust the team!

Forum | Forum refers to the environment we create in our seminars, we encourage true friendships and connections through authentic interactions and meetings. FLF is about feeling at home and like family with your peers and fellow Leaders. We allow our talented leaders to express themselves and shine throughout the seminar, supporting their skills and confidence. FLF also facilitates workshops, panels, and lectures to inspire, motivate, and grow our talent.

Global Maccabi FLF seminars take place in USA, Europe, South America, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and Israel.

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A bit of a history: 

In 2004, MWU Department of Education and the European Maccabi Confederation (EMC) launched the "Maccabi Future Leaders Forum" (FLF), a program directed to engage the best young adults into Maccabi leadership throughout Europe, in order to refresh the rows of Maccabi leaders in the Old Continent. This new initiative was defined as “a strong active group of young adults, who care about sport, Maccabi, and Israel. Their mission was to create projects and activities that involved young people around Europe and be EMC's ambassadors in their communities. Young leaders who wanted to make a difference in their countries, communities, and attract more people to join Maccabi, integrate Israel within their activities and meet FLF members from neighboring countries and all over Europe.”

At the same time, MWU also launched their first Maccabi Young Leadership (MYL) group in the United States – groups composed by young adults determined to financially support MWU in its world development and growth.

Both groups met for the first time in 2013 during the 19th Maccabiah in Israel. More than 80 FLF members attended, some of whom hold the most crucial roles in Maccabi Europe – from EMC Vice-Chairman to Makkabi Germany Treasurer. The success of these programs led the MWU Education Department to establish and hold the "GLOBAL MACCABI Future Leaders Program" during the 2015 Plenum.  The main goal was to meet the challenge of continuously generating successor leadership in 70 countries where Maccabi acts in over 400 JCCs and clubs & to provide ongoing leadership training. The mission: to bring all new leaders into an effective Jewish-Zionist action worldwide. 

MYL & FLF are the guarantee and continuity of our outstanding Maccabi Leadership – and a sensible success in our Movement.