Education Dept. duties thus include selecting, training, orienting and assisting shlichim in the field.

MWU Shlichut serves many purposes and has many responsibilities:

  • Identifying TO's issues, problems and needs
  • Setting local, regional or continental agendas, including projects for volunteer leadership, professionals, educators and activists, and coordinating activities in TO's for regional and continental cooperation
  • Systematizing internal Confederation leadership meetings, especially to maintain existing projects, and advance new joint projects, and supporting organization of leaders' meetings
  • Systematizing uptake of Education Dept.'s programs and concerns by professionals, leaders, subordinate shlichim, and activists
  • Supporting efforts for Maccabi's top events, Maccabiot and Regional Maccabi Games
  • Marketing & recruiting for annual MWU Israel Programs in the MASA frame
  • Marketing & recruiting for short-term or special MWU Israel Programs
  • Confederation connections & communications with the National Institutions, through their local representatives or directly with the centers in Israel, and with other organizations
  • Organizing national, regional & international meetings on community topics
  • Young leadership development through programs, seminars, workshops, lectures, etc.

The nature of the Shlichut and the role of the Shaliach depend on the place and community.

The Shlichut is a joint mission of Maccabi World Union and the Jewish Agency for Israel, and therefore the Shlichim must pass both the official selection process of the Jewish Agency and the process of the movement.

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