Maccabi World Union Youth Movement, Maccabi Tzair, is one of its pearls and a real motor of its success worldwide. Founded in 1929, and with 55 branches in the present, Maccabi Tzair brings Jewish-Zionist education to 100,000 Jewish youngsters through weekly activities, camps, in-service trainings, Regional, Continental and International Seminars – most of them under MWU Dept. of Education responsibility, and Israel Experience programs – organized by MWU Continental Depts. In terms of working together, the most successful example is the continent-wide establishment in 2005 of Maccabi Tzair CLAM youth movement, which has staged 7 successive continental seminars (the 8th upcoming March 2018), each attracting hundreds of the best madrichim from CLAM's constituent T.O.'s.

As usual in Maccabi history as a Movement, there are many names of our Maccabi affiliates (in the past and some into our present: HaGibor, Hakoach, BarKochbah, Kfir, Shimshon, Lapid, Hebraica and several more). This also applies to our Maccabi Youth braches worldwide. Here is the list of our branches nowadays, in no particular order:

  1. Maccabi Tzair Chile
  2. Maccabi Tzair Viña del Mar
  3. Macabi Tzair Uruguay
  4. Macabi Tzair Miami
  5. Macabi Tzair San Diego
  6. Maccabi Tzair Fort Lauderdale
  7. Macabi Tzair Guatemala
  8. Macabi Tzair México
  9. Noar leNoar Macabi Tzair Venezuela
  10. Hebraikeinu Sao Paulo
  11. Maccabi Tzair España
  12. Macabi Tzair El Salvador
  13. Macabi Tzair Bolivia
  14. Juventud Sociedad Hebraica Argentina
  15. Juventud Macabi Buenos Aires
  16. Juventud Hacoaj Argentina
  17. Juventud CISSAB
  18. Juventud BAMI
  19. Juventud Brit Ajim
  20. Juventud Mi Refugio
  21. Juventud CSHA
  22. Macabi Tzair La Plata
  23. Juventud Bar Kojvá
  24. Juventud Kadima
  25. Juventud El Sosiego
  26. Macabi Noar Córdoba
  27. Juventud Macabi Santa Fe
  28. Juventud USAR
  29. Juventud Sionista de Paraná
  30. Maccabi Tzair Zijron Yaakov
  31. Maccabi Tzair Hedera
  32. Maccabi Tzair Natania – Hashmona’im
  33. Maccabi Tzair Natania – Poleg
  34. Maccabi Tzair Ramat Gan
  35. Maccabi Tzair Or Yehudah
  36. Maccabi Tzair Rishon leTzion Mercaz
  37. Maccabi Tzair Rishon leTzion Maarav
  38. Maccabi Tzair Holon
  39. Maccabi Tzair Nes Tziona
  40. Maccabi Tzair Maccabim
  41. Maccabi Tzair Nili
  42. Maccabi Tzair Modi’in
  43. Maccabi Tzair Kfar Shmuel
  44. Maccabi Tzair Yad Rambam
  45. Maccabi Tzair Karmei Yosef
  46. Maccabi Tzair P’tachia
  47. Maccabi Tzair Gedera
  48. Maccabi Tzair Gedera Mizrach
  49. Maccabi Tzair Beer Sheva
  50. Maccabi Tzair Kiriat Gat
  51. Maccabi Tzair Bat-Yam
  52. Maccabi Tzair Beer Sheva – Nachal Beka
  53. Maccabi Tzair Tel Aviv
  54. Maccabi Tzair Gan veNof
  55. Maccabi Tzair S’derot


In Latin-America and Florida, USA, Maccabi Tzair and the Maccabi Youth Departments are the biggest conglomerate of Jewish-Zionist Movements nowadays, grouped under Macabi Tzair CLAM. Since its opening in 2003, MWU Dept. of Education, as established in its goals, worked without pause to establish a real network of Maccabi Tzair branches in Latin America, and after many regional and international seminars, Macabi Tzair CLAM was established during Maccabiah 2005, with the integration of over 20 Maccabi Tzair branches. Since 2005, and through the work of MWU Dept. of Education, Macabi Tzair CLAM opened and incorporated new and very active branches (to name two, Macabi Tzair Miami and Macabi Tzair El Salvador), and became the biggest Continental Youth Zionist Movement participating in Israel Experience programs.


The success of Maccabi Tzair in the world was a key factor in the integration between BBYO (B’nei Brith Young Organization) and our world youth Movement. BBYO is the largest Youth Movement in North America, with about 50,000 young members in the USA & Canada. MWU and BBYO signed a PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT which linked Maccabi Tzair with BBYO – creating the largest Jewish Youth worldwide partnership, with 150,000 involved youth. The connection started through different partnerships between BBYO and Maccabi Tzair Israel, and it keeps growing today in all international opportunities.


Maccabi Tzair, as a World Zionist Movement, is part of the family of all Youth Zionist Movements (like Beitar, B’nei Akiva, HaNoar HaTzioni, etc.). MWU Dept. of Education is the responsible of connecting World Maccabi Tzair with all the World Zionist Youth Movements, in the World Zionist Youth Movements Forum – a Forum where MWU is one of its leaders. This partnership of World Zionist Youth Movements has opened new opportunities for our Maccabi Movement, and brought new resources to organize its activities.