The International Esport Federation chose Israel, for the first time, to host the Esport World Championship in 2020. It is one of the biggest and prestigious events in the gaming industry and will be held between the 20th in October and 20th in November, as an online event, while the main event will be held in Eilat during December.
The Championship expected to include over 10,000 gamers from over 55 countries and will be broadcast live to millions around the world. The Championship is organized by the Israeli Esport Association and Maccabi World Union and partnered with the Eilat municipality and Israel’s Prime Minister’s office.

The 2020 World Championship will be held in a limited online ‘Covid-19’ format, with the finals in Eilat, and again in a much larger and more prestigious format in 2021. Israel will be the first country outside Korea, to host the world championship twice in a row. In the next two years, the State of Israel, the city of Eilat, Maccabi World Union and the Israeli Gaming Association will be at the center of the stage of the most developing industry in the world.