The Sports Desk is MWU’s sports center for Jewish sports advancement. It cultivates Jewish sports in the world as part of an educational process for the Jewish People’s struggle against assimilation and increasing anti-Semitism.

The MWU Sports Desk endeavors to raise the standard of sports at the Maccabiah and Regional Games.

This is achieved by locating Jewish athletes, training professionals – coaches, teachers and counselors (“madrichim”) – and organizing professional workshops and international gatherings on selected sports & fitness educational topics.
Achievement-focused popular sports events are conducted in Israel and abroad.  

The MWU Sports Desk is supported by a number of institutions & organizations:

  • Maccabi Israel 
  • Israel Ministry of Education 
  • Israel Ministry of Absorption 
  • The Jewish Agency / World Zionist Organization
  • The Israeli Olympic Committee
  • The Israeli “Elite” Sports Unit 
  • The Israeli Association of Schools 
  • The Wingate Institute (Israeli sports training organization) 
  • The Israeli Sports Association

MWU Sports Department's main objective is to:

  • Cultivate and encourage sports activities in accordance with the principles of “A Healthy Spirit in a Healthy Body”
  • Organize the Maccabiah
  • Encourage local and regional competitions
  • Encourage and promote sporting activities between Maccabi Clubs
  • Organize activities, courses and seminars and to support and cultivate sports connections between Maccabi Israel members and their counterparts in the Diaspora