For 21-27 year-old under- or post-grads (College/University &/or Shnat or B'Keff Hachshara);

Hi-quality program managed in cooperation with the Israel Experience Co.; includes courses, lectures & unique content highly relevant to participants; participation limited to 25 people.

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1-month Israel Program specifically for 9th Graders not enrolled in Jewish High Schools; (Jewish Schools arrange their own 1-month Israel Programs); very successful scheme, in operation over the last 5 years.

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Intensive 1-month Graduation Programs in Israel for trainee counsellors (Madrichim) of Maccabi: Israel actualia, Judaism, Maccabi content, leadership training & development:

- B'KEFF HADRACHA – Annual Program for around 400 trainee educators aged 16 graduating from Training Schools of Clubs affiliated with FACCMA (Maccabi Argentina). Information & registration

- MEIDA – 'INFO' - For Hebraica Brazil schools, 20-25 participants. information & registration

- ALUMA - Maccabi San Diego, 20-25 participants, in English. information & registration 

- MIAMI SOM - Maccabi counsellors in Miami, 70 participants, in English. information & registration

* Hadracha Schools of Maccabi Clubs / JCC's in various countries; these Programs are the culminating highlight of study & training curricula over a period of 1-2 years, marking completion of studies and qualification as youth instructors/educators/counsellors.

Widely regarded as market leaders in their field, MWU Israel Programs Desk and its very professional and very experienced staff provide high quality educational and cultural content and impeccable logistic service. Through the array of Programs they offer, tens of thousands of participants strengthened their Jewish Identity, connection to Israel, attachment to Judaism, and commitment to Community and Maccabi

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