Tamar Program: Shnat Hachshara

  • 10 Month Program
  • The premier Spanish-language MASA framework program, designed to train madrichim to direct and lead social transformation in the Movement and their communities to Jewish-Zionist, Israel-centered values. Tamar is offered twice per year. 
  • The program consists of studying at the Institute for overseas mentors, the Marva program, and Volunteering with Magen David Adom and on a Kibbutz,
  • The program is divided according to location origin.
  • "Tamar North" opens in August and runs through June for Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, USA (San Diego, Miami) & Spain participation;
  • "Tamar South" opens in March and runs through November for Argentina, Chile, Brazil & Uruguay.

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Bekeff Hachshara

  • Bekeff Hachshara is a modular program for youth interested in having a unique experience in Israel where participants can choose their program with great flexibility which is to do what you want to do and for what periods of time they wish. 
  • Participants have the option of Marva, Magen David Adom, Kibbutz, volunteering in Tel Aviv, Trips to Poland, University courses, trips, leadership training and more.
  • The program offers two options per year:
  • The summer (Kayitz) program begins in August is for Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, San Diego, Guatemala, & Spain
  • The winter (Choref) program begins in March and is for Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay & Chile.

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Maccabi BBYO - Gap Year

Maccabi BBYO – Gap Year is a 5-10 month program for post-high school -students interested in having a unique Israel experience, coordinated and planned by Maccabi World Union & BBYO. 

In this program each participant has the ability to design their own experience. This is an opportunity provide college bound students with knowledge, understanding and practical tools in the fields of entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership and management in order to succeed in their work and career, whether in Israel or abroad. Ono Academic College has been ranked for the fourth year in a row with the best lecturers of all academic institutions in Israel.  The academic portion will have emphasis on the advantages of industry in Israel, in the areas of entrepreneurship (Start-up Nation) and creativity, as well as leadership, management and industry while emphasizing Zionist aspects as a source of pride and interest and the vision and goals of Maccabi World Union.  This program will include an opportunity to experience the Simulations Center for Management at Ono Academic College (the only one in Israel), on various levels.   

In addition to studying, participants will also have opportunities to volunteer with Magen David Adom (MDA) and the Marva (IDF), live on a Kibbutz, travel to Poland, live in Tel Aviv, attend Ulpan, develop their Jewish identity, experience another culture for the duration of time they take part in the program and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 

for more information:  BBYO - MACCABI Gap Year, 2019

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