Tamar Program: Shnat Hachshara

  • 10 Month Program
  • The premier Spanish-language MASA framework program, designed to train madrichim to direct and lead social transformation in the Movement and their communities to Jewish-Zionist, Israel-centered values. Tamar is offered twice per year. 
  • The program consists of studying at the Institute for overseas mentors, the Marva program, and Volunteering with Magen David Adom and on a Kibbutz,
  • The program is divided according to location origin.
  • "Tamar North" opens in August and runs through June for Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, USA (San Diego, Miami) & Spain participation;
  • "Tamar South" opens in March and runs through November for Argentina, Chile, Brazil & Uruguay.

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Bekeff Hachshara

  • Bekeff Hachshara is a modular program for youth interested in having a unique experience in Israel where participants can choose their program with great flexibility which is to do what you want to do and for what periods of time they wish. 
  • Participants have the option of Marva, Magen David Adom, Kibbutz, volunteering in Tel Aviv, Trips to Poland, University courses, trips, leadership training and more.
  • The program offers two options per year:
  • The summer (Kayitz) program begins in August is for Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, San Diego, Guatemala, & Spain
  • The winter (Choref) program begins in March and is for Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay & Chile.

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