The Israel Program Desk offers a variety of adult programs for all different countries to visit Israel. These trips last for a length of two weeks.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, a group of more than 200 adults from a variety of countries will arrive in May 2018.  Part of this group will also be participating in the March of the Living.

Other options include:

- 10-14 day trip for ages 40-60. more information

- Golden trip for ages 60 and over. more information 

All our trips are planned by professional staff and led by quality instructors.  A lot of thought and consideration is put into the content of each program and the service provided to the groups is above and beyond.

It is an added value for the participants to be involved in a program that is ultimately run by Maccabi World Union as it strengthens their connection to the movement, Israel, Judaism and develops the future generation and future leadership of the movement.

For further information and program registration