A new initiative by Maccabi World Union, in collaboration with and supported by MASA, brings a unique program from the world of startups in Israel and offers specialization in Israeli start-up companies to Maccabi youngsters from 85 countries worldwide.  

In recent years, Israeli start-ups, technology and high-tech companies have become a synonym for international success. Following this trend, Maccabi World Union, which brings Maccabi youngsters to Programs to Israel, mainly in the field of leadership & sports, is launching a project in collaboration with the "MASA Project" for young Jews aged 18-20 from all over the world, called the Israel Start Up Experience - ISE.
In 2021, 100 Maccabi youngsters came to Israel and participated in the ISE program that included establishing a start-up company, writing work plans, launching social media campaigns and interning at Israeli start-up, technology and high-tech companies.

Maccabi World Union has signed an agreement with Microsoft Israel, under which a prize will be awarded during each program to the trainee or trainees who develop the most successful venture in the start-up field. As part of the curriculum, the participants will also be involved in practical work at companies such as Google, Facebook, Mobile, Microsoft and more.

Reflecting on the program, Eyal Tiberger, CEO of Maccabi World Union, says, “since the beginning of the ISE-Israel start up experience program, about 40 Maccabi members have started working in Israeli start-ups, most of whom have also made Aliyah to Israel and enlisted in the IDF."


More about the program and how to join

The article was translated to English from WALLA SPORTThe article was translated to English from WALLA SPORT