Maccabi Women-in-Sport event - Maccabi Australia

maccabi women in sport event maccabi australia 1 -  Maccabi Women-in-Sport event - Maccabi Australia

These Girls DID! - You CAN TOO!

The question isn’t CAN YOU? it’s WILL YOU?
Join us for a special Maccabi LIFE & Maccabi Women-in-Sport event.

Jemima Montag, Cayla George & Toni Sharp are three amazing role models who DID!

Hear them talk on how they overcame their fears, challenges and adversities, as they share with you their personal stories as Women and how they broke through the barriers to rise to the top of their game!

The session will be moderated by Dr Majorie O’Neill.

Marjorie was a representative rugby player and coach. Promoting sport as a facilitator of good health and mental wellness – she is involved with the Black Dog institute. Working as a lecturer and holding a PhD as well as a member of parliament. She believes in the transformative power of education

Join us live on ZOOM as they play it forward!

Maccabi Women-in-Sport event - Maccabi Australia