Hasbara Seminar - Rome, Italy

hasbara seminar rome 2018 7 - Hasbara Seminar - Rome, Italy

Fighting for Israel at the Senate in Italy

Maccabi World Union (MWU) and Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs, in association with Maccabi Italy, launched an extraordinary Seminar - "Ambassadors of Truth / The Courage of Truth" at Sala Zuccari of Palazzo Giustiniani - one of the most beautiful halls in Italy's government buildings. 

The event, with a massive participation of Italian Senators, intellectuals, members of the press and political leaders of all Italian parties was supported by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (Ucei) and the Roman Jewish Community (Cer), with the participation of the Israeli Ambassador to Italy, Ofer Sachs and the Chief Rabbi of Italy, Riccardo Di Segni. Amir Peled, MWU Chairman, attended the Seminar in Italy especially to meet with the Italian leadership and to greet Maccabi Italy Chairman, Vittorio Pavoncello Botticella.

This extremely significant event was moderated by the outstanding Barbara Pontecorvo, and was addressed by: 
- Guglielmo Picchi, Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs: "Discrimination Against Israel... victim of unacceptable double standards... Israel has the right to defend itself... Italy will try to be closer to Israel... through my commitment, that of my party, the League, and I hope the whole government ".

-Senator Luigi Zanda: "We are one with the cause of Israel... understand its needs... share its values."

- Senator Lucio Malan (Forza Italia): "Israel defends itself from terrorism and is threatened every day of annihilation by another State - Iran".
- Antonio Tajani, President of the EU Parliament: "Relations between European people and Israel are based on close economic ties,scientific, intellectual, but above all human values.... Fight
stereotypes, prejudices and false information about the State of Israel. Jewish history and culture is a way of strengthening these links."
- Noemi Di Segni, President of Uce: "A request to the Italian Parliament to adopt the recently approved definition of Anti-Semitism from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance... Distortions of the
media, boycotts by some institutions of the world, some problems related to text books of Italian schools... Israel should exist because it is part of the conscience of the world."
- Ruth Dureghello, President of the Cer: "Anti-Zionism is a another form of Anti-Semitism... Defending Israel is a duty of the West... retrace the lines of prejudice."

Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs was represented by Yair Eddie Fraiman and Asher A. Fredman, who stressed the importance of the Seminar and the establishment of strong ties between the members of the Italian and Israeli Governments - they also greeted the audience on behalf of Minister Gilad Erdan.

Key note speakers:
- Professor Eli Avraham, Haifa University 
- Ben-Dror Yemini, Political Thinker and Journalist
- Rabbi Carlos Alberto Tapiero, Maccabi World Union
- Monsenior Melchor Sanchez de Toca, Vatican Sub-Secretary of Culture honored the event with his presence.

The Italian organization committee was headed by Maccabi Italy Chairman, Vittorio Pavoncello Botticella, and included Riccardo Pacifici, Yael Finzi, Alex Zarfati, Claudia De Benedetti, and the moderator Barbara Pontecorvo.
MWU organization was headed by Rabbi Carlos and Stella Syrkin, in coordination with Yair Eddie Fraiman, the main partner in all MWU and Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs Seminars.
A fantastic Seminar that will hopefully bring positive results - as with so many more organized by Maccabi World Union and Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs.
Chazak ve'ematz!

Hasbara Seminar - Rome, Italy