Global Maccabi FUN RUN

global fun run - Global Maccabi FUN RUN

The Maccabi Fun Run brings together thousands of Jewish people every year and welcomes athletes, hobby runners and participants who prefer walking instead of running.

The largest and the mother city of the Global Community FUN RUN is London will host the Fun Run on June 24, 2018.

There’s a run for everyone! The participants cover all the age groups. Children, teenagers, youngsters, adults, parents and even grandparents gladly join the event to run or walk together. 

In 2016 7,000 people attended the Maccabi Fun Run events in 7 cities.

In 2017 12,000 people attended the Maccabi Fun Run events in 16 cities. 

 In 2018 The Maccabi FUN RUN will take place in 25 cities

Global Maccabi FUN RUN