This is an outreach plan that aims to Support Development of Maccabi in Communities / T.O.'s worldwide through action jointly initiated with local Maccabi leaders and assisted practically – and if required, supported financially – by MWU. The program was very active during the 2010-2013 years, and it’s a platform for the Movement’s strengthening, development and growth.


To facilitate:

  • expansion of Maccabi T.O.'s into Communities not previously reached by Maccabi;
  • growth & improvement of Movement activities in Communities under-served by Maccabi;
  • revitalization of Movement activity in Communities where various activities have fallen to low levels or ceased

Ultimate aim:

To achieve Self-generating activities in T.O.s and international Maccabi frameworks under local Movement leaderships

The program provides effective response to needs and requests of many smaller or growing T.O.'s seeking strategic planning and implementation guidance and support for significant current and future projects; opens real opportunities in Communities worldwide to involve their members in Maccabi's:

  • Youth Programs, Camps, Israel Programs, Exchange Programs
  • Leadership workshops and courses
  • Local, regional & international Sports and Events

Positive local Program outcomes will strengthen Maccabi and expand our global presence as a Movement that unites the whole Jewish People.



  • Joint identification of needs in T.O.'s by MWU and Confederations; T.O.'s may make their own proposals for consideration by MWU / Confederations
  • Evaluation of needs, Go/No-Go decisions and basic design of tailor-made programs
  • Implementation of tailor-made programs
  • Evaluation at MWU level in Israel; In-service training to continue/complete positive outcomes