MWU Department of Education produces Jewish-Zionist educational materials as part of its responsibilities. Since day one, the Department sends Messages – a short teaching – about each and every Jewish Festivity and Days of Remembrance. The Messages attempt to connect the Maccabi membership and Jews worldwide as a whole with their Jewish being and with the State of Israel, center of the Jewish Life and hope for the Jewish People everywhere.

2019 | English

Pessach 2019

Purim 2019

Tu Bi'shvat 2019

2018 | English

Chanukah 2018

Lag Ba'Omer 2018

Shavuot 2018.pdf

Yom Yerushalaim_2018.pdf

Lag BaOmer 2018.pdf

Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2018.pdf

Yom Ha'Shoah 2018.pdf

Pessach 2018.pdf

Purim 2018.pdf

Tu Bishvat 2018.pdf

2017 | English

Chanukah 2017.pdf

Succot 2017.pdf

High Holydays 2017.pdf

Shavuot 2017.pdf

Yom Yerushalaim 2017.pdf

Lag BaOmer 2017.pdf

Yom Haatzmaut 2017.pdf

Yom HaShoah 2017.pdf

Pessach 2017.pdf

Purim 2017.pdf

Tu Bishvat 2017.pdf

2016 | English

Chanukah 2016.pdf

Succot 2016.pdf

High Holydays 2016.pdf

Shavuot 2016.pdf

Yom Yerushalaim 2016.pdf

Lag BaOmer 2016.pdf

Yom Haatzmaut 2016.pdf

Pessach 2016.pdf

Purim 2016.pdf