Do you want to be a part of a great life changing experience?

Do you want to work with youth from abroad in Israel?

We are looking for you!

Maccabi World Union brings many groups of youth and adults to Israel for various periods of time throughout the year; two weeks up to a year. These groups are accompanied by Israeli instructors (Madrichim) therefore we need you.

"Yahad" - The World Maccabi Program Department invites you to join a team of social / logistical guides / instructors to work with youth from abroad!

So what are we looking for? Someone who loves Israel to bits!

Beside that we are looking for the following skills:

Experience in leading youth and / or adults (army or youth movement leadership experience)

Good organizing and planning abilities.

Real ability to work at loads and sometimes under pressure schedules.

Independence, dedication and professionalism


High service awareness and excellent human relations

The job requires long (and sometimes unusual) hours

Fluency in English and / or Spanish

The job is for both men and women.

The work is with youth and adults.

To send your resume and other details please fill in this form.