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  • Paddle Power at Maccabi GB Table Tennis Day

    Maccabi GB (MGB) served a sporting event to remember on Sunday as Jewish Table Tennis enthusiasts of all ages and abilities swung into action at the MGB Community Table Tennis Day.


    Held for the first time at London Academy, Edgware, it was run alongside the National Shul Table Tennis League (NSTTL) Championships and was hosted as a taster session for Table Tennis enthusiasts and novices alike. As part of Maccabi GB’s ‘Sport for Everyone’ & ‘Sport, Health & Wellbeing’ Programmes, Community Table Tennis is one of a collection of annual events aimed at encouraging Jewish people to get involved in sport, health and wellbeing activities, regardless of age, ability or how often they currently exercise.



    As well as ‘turn-up-and-play’ tables, participants also got to witness exhibition matches, featuring top ping pong players and have one-on-one coaching. In total 220 people took part in the day.



    Speaking about the Community Table Tennis Day, Maccabi GB Event Coordinator, Janice Aarons said, “It’s apparent from this event, and others throughout the year, that Table Tennis is extremely popular within the Community! That is one of the reasons we aim to host events like these – so that Jewish people can stay active doing something they enjoy. What was probably most pleasing is that we are really seeing a wider range of participants than ever before – from grandparents playing alongside their grandchildren to people who haven’t even played the sport before. It’s clear more and more members of the Community are concerned about sport, health & wellbeing.



    “The NSTTL was also hugely successful and we were delighted to work closely with Adam Black who was instrumental in planning, organising and running that side of event. With Adam overseeing Team MGB’s European Maccabi Games Table Tennis Team, and Jeremy Banks overseeing the sport as a whole for Maccabi GB, we are encouraged by the progress of Jewish ping pong.”



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  • Melbourne Junior Carnival - Best Ever!

    The 33rd instalment of Maccabi Junior Carnival has come to an end for 2015. The event was described as the “best ever” by Carnival manager Justin Lipson.

    The week-long Carnival brought Jewish youth from all over the nation together to Melbourne’s Albert Park precinct and featured numerous sports participated in by over 450 kids.

    “I think we can safely say the event was successful even beyond the expectations of the organising committee,” Lipson said.



    “The countless hours spent planning the event were all made worthwhile by hearing the constant daily chatter about how much participants were enjoying the experience.”

    A huge thank you to the tireless efforts and unconditional willingness of the amazing Junior Carnval ManagerJustin Lipson and his awesome Committee. Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers, including Victorian and State Team Managers, youth leaders and for the first time ever, the All Abilities group, for giving of their time to make this event happen and contributing to it's success. We also thank our wonderful community for opening up their homes to our interstate vistors. We thank our Victorian Team participants for the fantastastic way in which they represented Victoria.


    An event like this could not happen without the most generous support of our Maccabi Victoria and Junior Carnival Sponsors and Supporters.


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  • Maccabi Ukraine Seminars and Tournaments

    During the High Holidays in September 2014, Maccabi sports and educational programs took place, in all the regions of Ukraine, in cooperation with the local Jewish communities.

    In Khmelnytsky a very successful seminar was held for the activists of the western region under the headline "Max Nordau; the Maccabi Movement - to Zionism through sport." The seminar was run by Galina Pechayko, the coordinator of sports and educational programs of Maccabi Ukraine. The program was accompanied by videos and photos. The workshops included a training on the organization of mass sports and educational activities for different age groups.
    The local community and charity fund "Hesed Besht" supported the seminar.

    During the celebration of Rosh Hashanah in Kharkov and Zaporozhye sports and educational programs for children were organized by local Maccabi organizations. more than 70 children attended the competitions, contests and trainings.

    In Zaporozhye, thanks to the good weather, the participants went to the picturesque banks of the Dnieper. Young people organized the event: "I, you, he and she: We are a healthy community". Many came with their entire families.

    The events were attended by the leaders of the local Jewish communities, among them in Zaporozhje was the legendary coach, Master of Sports, Honored Coach of the USSR and Ukraine Leonid Ratner, in Kharkov - Master of Sports, Honored coach of Ukraine Leonid Fatalevich. He addressed the participants of the sports event with a welcoming speech. The audience noted that all the participants serve as a perfect example of unity and love for the sport to all the members of the community team and family. Outdoor games and first-aid competitions, which are especially important in today's environment, were carried out. All the participants were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs.

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  • Chess Tournament, Zaporozhje, Ukraine

    October 26, a chess tournament was held in the Jewish community of Zaporozhje "Yahad" with the support of Maccabi Ukraine. The tournament was attended by students of the Jewish Sunday school. The age composition was very diverse, the youngest participant of the tournament was 5 years old, the oldest was 18 years old. The level of participants varied from unqualified to 1st level. The tournament was held in a 7 rounds Swiss system, the members of one team did not play against each other. The tournament was held in a friendly atmosphere; the children enjoyed the victories and were upset by the defeats. At the closing of the competition all the prize winners were awarded with diplomas and gifts.


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  • All-round Preliminaries- Kharkov Ukraine

    November 27, 2014 Maccabi Kharkov together with Kharkov Jewish secondary school No.170, conducted all-round preliminaries among children, age 12-14. The winners of the competition, which was attended by about 30 children, will be entitled to represent Maccabi at students' competitions of the Kiev district of the city of Kharkov.

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  • Tournament of Jewish Football teams, Kishinev, Moldova

    October 19th, 2014 , at the stadium of FC "Buicani" in Kishinev the tournament of Jewish football teams "Tishrei Cup" took place, immediately after the High Holidays.

    The JCC Kedem and Maccabi Moldova were jointly responsible for the preparation of this sporting event.

    In addition to the teams of JCC Kedem and Maccabi, teams of EORM, HEC, "Hillel" Lyceum, Rambam, Israeli Cultural Center and the JDC also took part at the tournament.
    Thanks to the leadership of "Maccabi" there were no problems with balls and other sports equipment.

    The team of "Maccabi" won against the team of "Hillel" without much hassle with a score of 12:10, but eventually the team of "Hillel" became the winner of the tournament and won the cup!

    The referees were Yakov Akerman, President of Maccabi Moldova and his cousin, Pavel Akerman, Chairman of a basketball college, referee of a national category.

    Immediately after the final match a festive awards ceremony took place. It was attended by leaders of almost all the Jewish organizations that participated in this sports festival. Awards were presented by Vladimir Tsinkler, the most eminent of Kishinev football players of all time, the only one that was included in the list of 33 best players of the Soviet Union, and now the Chairman of the Republican Association of Former prisoners of ghetto and Nazi concentration camps.

    In addition to the Cup and other awards, Tsinkler presented a special prizes - a copy of his book "Live in Football", which is undoubtedly interesting to all who are not indifferent to sports. 

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  • News from Maccabi Russia, September-October 2014

    Maccabi Russia basketball team won the tournament among national diasporas of St.Petersburg.

    • Yakov Atrokhov got ranked second in the world in his age (60-65) in an international tennis tournament in Turkey.
    • The teams of master volleyball (men and women) played and won matches with master players of the diaspora of Bashkiria and Armenia.
    • A fencing tournament (foil) was held between the teams of "Maccabi" and "Sokol."
    • Master Sambo combat and Judo athletes participated in the World and European championships among masters and in the World Police Games in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.
    • Misha Borok won the second place at the World Championships in Bucharest in Jiu-Jitsu for 15 years old.
    • Ilya Borok won the third place in the championship of Russia in Sambo combat, and became the champion of Europe and the Martial Arts Olympics among adults in Jiu-Jitsu. (Coach Grigorij Borok from Maccabi St.Petersburg).
    • Futsal team won the tournament for the Governor's Cup, attended by more than 40 teams.
    • Youth futsal team won the second Cup of League of Nations conducted by the Legislative Assembly of St.Petersburg.
    • A mini Maccabiah was held in air guns shooting, checkers, chess, table jockey, futsal and "fun relay race" among Jewish schools.
    • Alina Polyanskaya became a champion of St.Petersburg in acrobatics.
    • Olga Rasseyno won the swimming tournament in Karelia among veterans.
    • Polina Kunichenko became the champion in the international squash tournament among masters.
    • Maxim Levitin won the international badminton tournament among masters.
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  • JLGB are kingpins of the Maccabi GB and Marcus Fielding Inter-charity Bowling tournament

    JLGB bowled over the competition on Thursday night as Maccabi GB hosted the 9th Annual Maccabi GB and Marcus Fielding Inter-Charity Bowling Competition.


    The charity beat nine other teams to claim the title of ‘Lord of the Lanes’ for the first time since the competition began. However, the real impact of the event was the number of charity workers who donned their bowling shoes, with over 120 participating at Hollywood Bowl, Finchley.


    Speaking about the Inter-charity Bowling Tournament, Maccabi GB’s Event Co-ordinator, Valerie Parnes, said, “Since the introduction of the Sport, Health and Wellbeing Programme [in September 2014] one of Maccabi GB’s objectives is to work closely with as many Jewish charities as possible. This event was a great opportunity for the staff of the different communal organisations to come together and network in a relaxed environment. It’s also nice to see bowlers of all ages and abilities come together and get involved in some exercise which is actually lots of fun to do.”


    Special thanks must go to all the charities who took part including All Aboard, CST, Jewish Care, JLGB, JNF UK, Reform Judaism, Nightgale and Seed.

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