Torch Ceremony for Hanukkah at the Maccabim Tombs

December 2012

On Thursday, December 13, hundreds gathered at the Maccabim Tombs for the Hanukkah Torch Ceremony near Modiin;
טקס מירוץ הלפיד


Present and addressing the guests at the event: Yair Hamburger - Chairman MWU, Igal Carmi Chairman Maccabi Israel, Amir Peled Chairman Maccabiah, Haim Bibas Mayor of Modiin, Nir Barkat Mayor of Jerusalem.

In addition there were - 2000 Maccabi Tzair youngsters, MWU Executive, Maccabiah Executive, Maccabi Israel Executive, and guests.

Following the candle lighting, Noam Gershony - Paralympic Gold medalist lit the Torch

Netta Rivkin, first Israeli to win a medal in artistic gymnastics at world championships, after winning the bronze medal in the exercise hoop and Noam Gershony, Gold medalist in Tennis for Israel in the London Paralympics. He was an Apache pilot and was injured in the second Lebanese war.


Throughout the world there were additional "Torch Runs" celebrated by Maccabi. 

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