Pierre Gildesgame Maccabi Museum Programs

Educational programs progressively upgraded from 2007, apply game techniques, active search elements and audiovisual to engage young pupils in the message conveyed by the exhibits.



In 2010-2011, a training program was introduced which focused on 4 themes, aimed to help schools use the Museum as an educational tool and adding a further dimension of experiential learning to important issues that form part of school curricula. One advantage is that classes who tour the museum are able to return for follow-up visits on different themes.
It is important to note that the new themes are integrated into the main story portrayed by the Museum. All themes of the new program are structured for various age groups:

  • Zionism and the Maccabiah highlights the explicit Zionist mission of the Maccabiah.
  • Fair Play motifs; how sports and sports behavior fit into the overall social system. We produced a video deals Fair Play from various angles. Rivka Rabinovich introduced the issue ahead of the 17th Maccabiah; it continues through a professional committee, Maccabi Tzair, the Supervisor of Physical Education and Alex Miller MK, Chairman of the Knesset Education Committee. We should note that this Fair Play theme has proved particularly attractive for pupils, and we're very proud of the Museum's contribution to counterbalancing the unfortunately all-too-common prevalence of bad sports behavior they see on TV.
  • Holocaust and Sports tour focuses on sports played during the Holocaust. We gathered materials on Maccabi sports in the camps for the refugees, and Rivka Rabinovich and Michael Barzilay introduced the subject. The Museum has many moving and pertinent stories from the period, and this tour also includes special film footage of the Liga Terezin in the Theresienstadt ghetto / concentration camp.
  • MUSEUM VISITORS: As a teaching museum, we have always preferred organized school groups, especially from nearby districts but also from other parts of the country, on average 2-3 such visits per week in peak periods by groups of 35-50 pupils each.


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Date01-jan-2012 to 31-dec-2012