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Our mission is to raise awareness about the Maccabi movement among the young Jewish community, while raising funds for Maccabi World Union's athletic, educational and social initiatives.

Company Overview

The Maccabi young leader ship in the state is a unique mix of young Jewish professionals from different backgrounds and fields. Over the years we have attracted a network of similarly diverse individuals, all of whom share a passion for Israel, the Jewish Diaspora, and of course, the Maccabi movement. We bring people together through social and cultural gatherings aimed at increasing our own visibility, while using the Maccabi spirit to create a sense of a Jewish community.

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The FLF (Future Leaders Forum) is a strong active group of young people, who cares about Jewish sport, Maccabi and Israel, and creates projects and activities, involving young people around Europe.  The FLF members are young leaders who want to make a difference in the Jewish community in their country, involve more young people in Maccabi, integrate Israel in its activities and meet and cooperate with other young Jewish people from all around Europe.

This Unique group of young people involves Maccabi members from the following TOs: Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Holland, Hungary, Greece, Great Britain, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

Based on our experience along the years, TOs invested in young leadership managed to straighten Maccabi in their country keeping it relevant for the young generation.  If you are between 18 to 37 years old, living in Europe and there is a Maccabi organization in your country, this forum may be for you.

If Jewish sport and Zionist-Jewish education are close to your heart and you want to influence others, than you should definitely contact us!

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