Maccabi World Union Organizational Structure

MWU Congress Meeting:
The Congress is the supreme body of the Movement and meets every four (4) years. The Congress determines the guidelines for the activities and the policies of Maccabi World Union.  The Presiding Committee of the Congress shall lead the Congress.  This Committee is composed of the President of the Movement, the Chairperson of the Movement, the Deputy Chairperson, chairperson for the Confederations and the Honorary President of the Movement.  Elections for the named positions above and other Committee Chairs related to the Congress take place at the MWU Congress meeting.

MWU Plenary Meeting:
The Plenary meeting takes place annually. At the meeting the following subjects appear on the agenda: Reports of the holders of any office of the Executive, Reports of the Confederations from duly designated representatives thereof, Reports of the various bodies and committees of the Movement by duly designated representatives thereof, the financial report for the past year and the budget for the upcoming year, for approval and the Annual activity plan for the year following the meeting for approval; and policy matters for discussion and determinations.

World Executive:
Members of the Executive are appointed and elected by the Congress. The official representative of Maccabi World Union shall advise, assist, guide and through the Confederations, supervise and liaise activities of the T.O.’s and the Associate T.O.’s. Congress shall elect forty-one (41) persons to the Executive.

Israeli Executive:
This committee is a Sub-committee of the World Executive.

Committee of the World Executive that meets once a month. It is the job of this committee to implement and carry out all the decisions, plans and policies determined by the Congress and/or Executive.

MWU Desk Chairman:
Europe, Latin America, North America, and Australasia-Pacific-Africa

MWU Committee Chairmen:
Finance, Education, Sports, and Museum

Council of the Movement: Community Involvement Committee:
The advisory body to the Executive

Executive Director

Deputy Executive Director & Director of Education Department, Controller, Director European Desk, Director Latin American Desk, Museum Director, and Sports Director