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  • Bekeff Hadracha welcomes 260 Hanichim

    On December 22nd - 260 Hanichim from 8 clubs in Argentina (all operating under FACCMA), participated in the Bekeff Hadracha program from Maccabi World Union's Latin American desk.

    After two years of participating in a special program to become Madrichim, the program's final segment takes place in Israel. 

    For 25 days, participants were traveling all over the country: from Rosh Hanikra, Safed, Mount Bantel, Ussafiya, Tiberias to Mitzpe Ramon, to, Eilat, the Dead Sea, Sderot, Kfar stockmen, Caesarea and finally Tel Aviv.

    Participants attended various workshops pertaining to topics such as Israeli propaganda, Jewish identity, Maccabi values and history, the importance Jewish Identity and the centrality of Israel and the Jewish people in general, leadership courses, and more.

    On January 19th, they safely returned to Argentina and are ready to now go back to their clubs and share what they learned. 

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  • A walk of health" organized by Maccabi Italy in Rome,

    When Claudio Pavoncello Macchinetta, asked me to organize, by recommendation of Vittorio Testori "Cholo", a Roman horse carriage ride for the sick children of the oncological hematology department of the Bambino Gesù (Baby Jesus) in Rome, it seemed immediately as a brilliant idea.
    Years ago we organized, in cooperation with Vetturini Romani, a procession of many carriages for the participants of the European Congress of Tel-Aviv University, from the hotel where they stayed in Piazza della Repubblica to the Main Synagogue. Distinguished professors, Nobel Prize winners, the then Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, Dan Meridor, they were excited and still remember it with joy, as a once-in-a-life-time experience.

    The experience was repeated with great success last summer, for the young guests of the Jewish Community of Rome that came from Sderot, attacked by Hamas rockets.

    But Claudio is not new to these initiatives. For many years he organizes in the Bambino Gesù in Rome a market, the sales of which benefit the families of hospitalized children, forced to rent hotel rooms, to stay close to their loved ones.

    Every children hospital in Israel knows him; there also he brings a smile to sick children, giving t-shirts of Italian football teams, and wheelchairs kindly donated by great friends of Maccabi.
    The Schneider Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Tel Hashomer in Ramat Gan, Only Family of Nazareth, Hadassa in Jerusalem and many others, not to mention Tsad Kadima for the care of brain-injured children.

    Yes, I was convinced that the sightseeing tour for the sick children of the Bambino Gesù would have been a winning choice.

    I called Angelo Sed, President of Vetturini Romani, he gave me carte blanche, I will have no problem with the carriages.The main thing was done. But I could not imagine the bureaucracy, with so many permits needed.

    When the D-date was approaching, there came a cold shower. In the Hospital no one had been informed of the initiative and our main partner, the one that would open the doors of the hospital, writes me an e-mail on behalf of their President: they want me to stop the initiative, they warn me from using their name, they do not approve our initiative and do not want to have anything in common with us.

    At that point the good initiative was flying away, I am convinced that it would be a sin to stop it and that it is a great opportunity for these poor guys.

    I do not give up easily, I am very stubborn, if I believe in something, I must bring it to fruition.
    But the road was not easy. As our partner headed back, after the first difficulty, the first clash with the governing bodies of the hospital, I knew it would not be easy.

    Many know that Bambino Gesu is synonymous with professionalism and love for the kids, a trademark, everyone would like to have their business card imprinted with their logo, an endless line of companies, and getting the permission is certainly not easy.

    I called Alessandro Lapino, Head of the Press Office of the hospital, and he put me in contact with Dr. Lucia Celesti from the Health Department, to whom I sent the program of the day.
    After a few days (5 days before the event) finally the project was approved by the Health Department. I got in touch with Dr. Ciaralli, who was required to invite the sick children of the Day Hospital and off therapy, to participate in the tour.

    We called it "A walk of health"; we wanted to give a day of normalcy to these less fortunate children.

    The AS Roma immediately engaged: depending on the commitments of the first team, they will send their player. Virtus Roma basketball, through its captain Lorenzo D'Ercole, will send a video to support the event. Luca Toni, center of Verona and World Champion in 2006, will send one of his autographed jerseys to the Department in the event that he would not be able to attend.
    Finally we have an appointment, it's September 28, Sunday morning at 9 am in Piazza del Colosseo.

    Sunny day, the carriages appear like in a parade.
    I get a call from Federico Balzaretti: "Vittorio, I am coming".
    I get a call from Andrea Sartoretti, a Buffalo from a famous television series: " I am coming."

    Boys and girls from Bambino Gesu start arriving little by little, accompanied by their loved one. They are shy,not trusting. Seeing Balzaretti there shakes them, they start taking pictures.

    Our "souvenirs sellers", feel the solidarity and cover the kids with gifts. Statues of the Wolf of Rome, the Colosseum, magnets. Even the "centurions" themselves leave their customs to play and take photographs with the children. A traditional photo and a dozen kids with their companions climb into the carriages.

    A beautiful ride, combined with a gastronomic experience that children all over the world are crazy about: pizza and coca cola donated by Alice Pizza. Seeing the joy of these kids fills you with joy and happiness.

    Let's go back to the Colosseum. Maccabi Italy wanted to pay homage to the kids, the families, a testimonial, an object that will remind them of this wonderful day, a Roman chariot imprinted with the date and the name "A walk of health."

    We salute you, for having done a beautiful thing, we gave a smile and moments of normalcy to those who, unfortunately, have very few of these moments, but we hope that they will have more, always more.

    A vein of melancholy over us, though, because those scenes, those expressions, the wonder, the joy will remain tattooed in our soul, the tears of relief of Cholo and Philip Calo, the youngest Maccabi Soccer players, will be images of a day to mark on your calendar.

    More difficult than organizing the Maccabiah, the games in Rome, Aquilla, but this is us, this is Maccabi.

    I thank those who made it possible, the Vetturini Romani, Thomas Giuntella, AS Roma, Virtus Roma, Verona Football, Federico Balzaretti and Andrea Sartoretti, Angelo Tigre, Bruno Pavoncello, Roberto Di Porto, the "souvenirs sellers" and "the Gladiators", but we all have to thank the guys of the Bambino Gesu, for giving us the chance, the opportunity, to do the right thing.

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  • Maccabi VAC Hungary helps the Scheiber Jewish school in Budapest

    The Maccabi Fencing and Athletic Club provided significant support for the improvement of sports equipment to the Scheiber Jewish school in 2014.

    Maccabi VAC Hungary purchased many sports accessories, a basketball backboard, badminton equipment, balls and additional instruments for the students.
    The equipment was considerably renewed by Maccabi VAC's Equipment-Development-Program, which leads to a better quality of training in the school

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  • MWU and Maccabi Tzair Pessach Food Parcel Delivery

    For the 14th year in succession, MWU and Maccabi Tzair are cooperating in expanding the distribution of Pessach Food Parcels for the many needy families in places where Maccabi Tzair assists the local communities.


    Below are photos of Maccabi Tzair Members distributing food in Ramat Gan. 




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  • Maccabi VAC Jewish Athletes Sport Lecture Series

    Budapest, 2014


    In the first quarter of the year 2014, Maccabi VAC hosted a series of lectures on MAZSIKE(Jewish Cultural Association) for the first time. 

    The lecture series has many excellent professor in the Jewish community sports topics analyzed. In the program was a sports and propaganda the fascist Italy Hungarian football players and coaches in Mussolini Italy, Jewish MTK sport club? Vienna-Brno-Brooklyn-Jewish football's golden age in the 1920s, chapters in the history of the zionist sports movement, The world of Maccabiah .

    Maccabi VAC given the information and visual material is also provided in the lecture series!


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  • Community’s young leaders take a Hands On approach to make a change

    Tuesday 25th February 2014, Arkley – 35 young people took an important step towards becoming influential leaders of the Community by completing the recent Leadership by Streetwise ‘Hands-On Events’. The programme, run by Streetwise – a joint initiative by Maccabi GB and the CST – is hosted to help young people learn how to be Leaders and Sports Leaders within their communities, with the aim of enhancing their Jewish Identity, connection to Israel and inspiring other young people through their passion for sport in the future.


    The three-day get-together was part of the 2013/2014 Leadership by Streetwise year-long programme and saw participants working with people with physical and learning disabilities as well as running activities for children in a sports camp. These were with the help of two of Maccabi GB’s affiliates – Langdon and Maccabi London Brady.


    Tuesday and Wednesday (18th-19th February) were spent at Langdon’s Maccabi House, where the sports Leaders gained disability training before immediately putting it into practice, working with 24 people aged 12-18 years old with mild to moderate disabilities. Thursday 20th February saw the participants in a different setting, at Maccabi London Brady during their Half Term Camp. Here, they each planned and delivered a number of interactive and enjoyable activities for 50 children in the Football, Multi-sport and Netball groups.


    Participant, Chloe Greenberg (18), spoke about the benefits of ‘Leadership by Streetwise’, and why she took part in the programme, “I have learnt so much this week. I feel like I’ve developed as a person and, most importantly, I’ve learned loads of skills which I can use in the future. ‘Leadership’ is a unique experience - it gives teenagers a chance to mix with people of different ages and from all over the country in a fun, relaxed environment whilst actually making a difference [to children and people with learning and physical disabilities], which you can immediately see. Being a Leader gives me the incredible opportunity to teach the skills which have had such a major impact on my life to those younger than me and I'd thoroughly recommend the programme to everyone!”


    Speaking about the ‘Hands-On Events’ and its importance within the Community, Leadership by Streetwise Manager, Emma Nagli, said, “This ‘Leadership’ week was one of the most impressive and inspiring I have seen. The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic throughout the duration. I cannot stress enough the importance of such a programme within the Community, providing young people with the opportunity to grow as individuals and into leaders in such a fun and educational environment. What makes ‘Leadership by Streetwise’ so unique is not only the chance to meet other young Jewish people from across the UK, but also for the participants to learn what potential they can bring to the wider Jewish Community as they grow older, which highlights the impact young people can have in the future and on generations that follow after them.”


    For more information about the Leadership by Streetwise programme please contact or visit


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  • European Maccabi Future Leaders Forum (FLF) MEMBERS Took Part in the ECJS Event in Dublin

    On the last days of the year 2013, some of FLF members, have met in Dublin during an event of ECJS called Just One Shabbat, not only to celebrate the end of the year together, but also to spread around the Maccabi spirit. And one thing is sure....when we left, everyone of 195 participants knew what Maccabi is!

    One of our main responsibilities as FLF members is to represent the Maccabi not only by giving workshops, organizing sport events and doing a great job in our domestic countries, but also to cooperate with other Jewish organizations and use the opportunity to visit different Jewish events all around the World, inform about Maccabi, most of the times being the first contact with Maccabi and create both side beneficial relationships with other Jewish organizations.

    After leaving this great event, that has been running for several years and connects hundreds of young Jewish adults from all around the World, I can say we have reached this goal.

    Thanks to FLF members Gilah Samuels, Jonathan Ben Shlomo, Martina Nedorostova, our leader Robert Cohen, our young future members Katie Talbot and Peter Sandor, and the support of the ECJS Executive Director Rabbi Zevi Ives, we have not only spent a great NEW YEAR 2013/2014 celebration, but gained the interest about Maccabi and got a lot of new contacts as well.

    European Center for Jewish Students (ECJS) is organizing several events for young Jewish adults during the year. This 6 days New Year event began on Friday with guided tours, interesting workshops and parties, and ended up with celebrating the New Year in the traditional ECJS style - at the annual Black Tie Evening Ball.


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  • FACCMA in the Vatican

    On January 15, the President of FACCMA, participated with leaders of the Jewish community of Argentina in a private audience with Pope Francis.

    The meeting was divided into two parts: the first where members of the delegation had the opportunity to greet the Pope and gave him presents they had brought for the occasion. For FACCMA, he was handed the Golden Book of the Argentina delegation that participated in the 19th Maccabiah in Israel during July 2013.

    The second part was a lunch that was prepared in honor of the guests - although not confirmed, it seems that for the first time in history kosher food was served.
    The participants shared an open table where they could talk with the Pope about various topics.

    In this context, Pope Francis asked FACCMA about the possibility of organizing tournaments that follow through "we can educate through sports to our youth," and agreed that sport is an excellent conductor for the educational attainment of brotherhood among people.

    Javier Veinberg, the President of FACCMA, had a meeting with the President of Maccabi Italy, Vittorio Pavoncello, where they sharedexperiences and projects of both organizations.

    One of the topics discussed at the meeting is the possibility that Argentine athletes could participate in the European Maccabi Games in Berlin in 2015, through a joint program between Maccabi FACCMA and Europe

    Javier took the opportunity to explain to Vittorio more about the Argentinian
    Maccabi Movement and in particular, FACCMA and its affiliates as well the different events that have and continue to organize, including the Maccabi Veteran Games to which Maccabi Italy was invited to participate.

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